1523 - Das Projekt
The project
Kurt Mahr

Perry Rhodan creates the project Ubi It in order to find the super intelligence. He wants to repurpose the Cantaro network into a surveillance lattice spread across the Milky Way in order to detect Wanderer as soon as it appears in the galaxy. Two of the thousands of spaceships in charge of reprogramming the individual satellites are the Tabatinga, led by Nikki Frickel and Loydel Shvartz and the Loreto. They depart on September 23rd 1170 for Quorda, the third planet of the Kymran system.

They make contact on the planet with a colony of Terran scientists who are studying the radiations of the white dwarf Kymran. As they are setting up their encampment, they are attacked by crocobufs, animals that are usually peaceful. Investigating the incident, they discover a cave with syntronic devices that has recently been the object of an explosion. They find a fragment of metal and a piece of leather that come from another galaxy.

As they complete their work on Quorda, a mysterious light appears and blows up next to the two Terran spaceships without damaging them. The next day, a dolphin spaceship of the Linguide Tara-Su appears in the system. Tara-Su says that his spaceship suffered some outage and they lost their bearings. They leave the system after a brief chat with Nikki.

On October 26th, the Loreto is attacked and destroyed by eighteen unknown spaceships. Perry Rhodan dispatches a fleet of twenty-three spaceships to investigate the attack. The Tabatinga returns to Quorda where the scientists tell them they found micro controllers in the brains of the dead crocobufs. Nikki heads back to Earth in order to investigate the piece of metal they found in the cave.

Cedric Beust 2012-08-04

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