1522 - Metalyse
Arndt Ellmer

In 1166, shortly before turning eighteen, Myles Kantor suffers for the first time from a phenomenon called tavkorianism. His activities are four times slower and his body shows signs of infection. In particular, he expresses interest for the Fornax galaxy. The young man understands that his desire to travel through the cosmos is the expression of a wish from a corporeal creature. Enza Mansoor and Notkus Kantor seek advice with Nathan and they start working on a Metalyzer, a machine that can separate mind from body. With the help of the moon syntronics, they start studying Ernst Ellert's life.

On September 10th, 1170, the Metalyzer is used on the Moon. The freed consciences of Enza, Notkua and Myles Kantor enter inside Nathan to find the data that block the time when Ellert gave Nathan his warning. They succeed but Notkus' conscience remains forever lost within the computer.

The data show that It saw a great danger arriving upon his Sphere of Influence, which led him to create a new artificial world on a different orbit from Wanderer. Because It didn't want the Base to fall in the hands of the threat, the super intelligence ordered Anson Argyris to dismantle it.

Cedric Beust 2012-07-22

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