1521 - Die Streiter von Efrem
The fighters from Efrem
Peter Griese

On July 14th, 1170, 150,1000 Topsides occupy Efren, the first planet of the Opra star, 11.4 light years from Sol. A resistance organization called the First of Efrem starts attacking the Topside occupying forces.

To solve the nascent Efrem conflict, Rhodan calls the Linguides and asks them if they can dispatch ten peacemakers on the ten worlds forcefully occupied by the Topsides. A small delegation of Linguides led by Kelamar Tessom land on the Earth and tell Rhodan they will take the job in exchange for the recordings that were made on Wanderer, on the day that Tekener killed the Nakk Clijstor in 1169. Although Rhodan is concerned by the Linguide's sudden interest for It, he accepts and nine Linguides are sent on the occupied worlds. Tessom stays on Earth for a few more days so Rhodan can talk with him more.

The next day, an unknown giant spaceship is spotted in the Efrem system and at about the same time, all the Topsides leave Efrem. Questioning a few Topsides left behind, Rhodan finds out that they receive a hypnotic suggestion to leave the planet. Rhodan realizes that the unknown spaceship was actually Wanderer, and he's now convinced that It forced the Topsides to leave but he has no idea why It would do such a thing.

Cedric Beust 2012-07-07

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