1520 - Geschäfte mit Topsid
Business with Topside
Marianne Sydow

During a Galacticum conference being held on the Humanidrome, the Kartanian Dao-Lin-H'ay notices a suspicious behavior from a member of the L'ung family and she quickly starts suspecting that they are violating the weapon embargo against the Topsides.

In the meantime, Ernst Ellert and his two companions have reached the Earth and after some difficulties, manage to hire the Tambo, a small but long range spacehsip belong to the Cosmic Hanse. Then they head for Kartan where they want to enroll the help of the Kartanians in their effort to find the Nocturnians in the Fornax galaxy.

To their surprise, they meet Dao-Lin-H'ay on Kartan, who tells them that the Kartanians have stopped going to Fornax ever since the Cosmic Catastrophe created some kind of degeneration with the Nocturnians. The Terrans barely escape a murder attempt from Teng-Ciao-L'ung but Dao-Lin-H'ay manages to expose the traitors.

Shortly thereafter, the Terrans and two Kartanian spaceships depart for Fornax.

Cedric Beust 2012-07-01

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