152 - Größer als die Sonne...
Greater Than The Sun
Kurt Brand

The Explorer-2115 discovers in the center of the galaxy the system Ex-2115-485 of which the only planet, Hercules, is larger than its own sun. On Impos, the third of its seventeen moons, researchers discover the remains of an extinct civilization. When Earthmen receive signals of a cell activator, they are cast back thirty eight thousand years. They find themselves in the middle of a war that the natives fight with primitive weapons. They must find the activator only using the resources of that time period. This is the only way they can return to the present. The astronomer and physicist, Tyll Leyden, finally discovers the cell activator inside the cave of the "Singing Mountain". He brings it back without a problem to the commander of the EX-2115 who informs Perry Rhodan of it. Shortly afterwards scientists discover in the cave an exact reproduction of the Milky Way showing every sun and planet in detail, as well as the idealized image of an Ancient humanoid. The inst allation is dated at around 1.2 million years old.

Michael Mahoney 2005-02-24

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