1519 - Das Symbol der Taube
The symbol of the dove
Robert Feldhoff

Concerned by the renewed efforts of Ernst Ellert, Testare and Alaska Saedelaere to discover the Nakk's secrets, Paunaro installs a psycho generator in their spaceship, the Quebrada. The psycho generator starts creating acute paranoia between the three Galactics until Alaska discovers it and neutralizes it.

They finally reach Kembayan a few days later and start looking for the Barkonide station. When they finally find it, they are attacked by thirty Barkonide sleepers. They barely escape and the next time around, they manage to capture the Barkonide leader, Goldmer, who tells them that they were awakened by a Nakk thirty days earlier and warnied that three enemies were on their way to attack them.

Upon hearing that the Galactics are trying to locate It for the benefit of Humanity, Goldmer gives them access to their main computer, Vaycan. The computer can only decipher a small part of the Time Tables fragments which reveals that they need to look for the oldest companions of the super intelligence in the Fornax galaxy.

The Galactics understand that the message is about the Nocturnians in Fornax but since the Quebrada is not able to reach such a big distance, they head back to the Earth.

Cedric Beust 2012-07-01

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