1518 - Das Cueleman-Debakel
The Cueleman debacle
H.G. Ewers

Pucky, Beodu and Salaam Siin are headed toward Nischnugg, the sixth planet of the Dscaak star, in order to meet with a Linguide spaceship. Alerted by a distress signal, Pucky teleports under the ice of the planet and discovers the ruins of a 90,000 years old civilization. He rescues a cyborg capable of making itself invisible, which he calls King Laurin.

Pucky and his team then head for the Cueleman system after hearing about the latest developments there. On August 7th, the Topsides arrive in Cueleman and Atlan and Pucky decide to intervene in order to stop the Topsides from mistreating the Linguide colons.

Pucky locats Bransor Manella, who tells him that he lost his negotiating powers. With Pucky's help, he still manages to talk to both parties and the Topsides step down, giving control of Cueleman to the Linguides. Atlan's suspicions toward the peace makers grows.

Cedric Beust

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