1516 - Chaos im Humanidrom
Chaos in the Humanidrome
Kurt Mahr

Back on Akkartil, Sato Ambush discovers that the thirteen fragments of the Time Tables contain clues about the new orbit of Wanderer. Paunaro takes him to the Humanidrome on board the Tarfala with Willom and Eirene. Fearing that their secret has been discovered, the Nakks on the Humanidrome have been disrupting the surrounding time space, leading to numerous anomalies on the giant station.

Ambush learns that after the Cosmic Catastrophe, the Nakks learned that It tried to gather all the cell activators. Clistor proposed to use them in order to lure the super intelligence. Concerned that the Council would reject his plan, since it would kill the activator carriers, Clistor created a secret organization with some of his compatriots. As time went by, the organization lost more and more members but Lakardon remained a major member and he kept trying to locate It with time experiments.

In a para reliaty created by Emzafor, Ambush and Eirene see Ayshupon enter Geoffrey Abel Waringer's house and steal his cell activator.

Rhodan arrives at the Humanidrome to participate in a conference about the Topside problem. He is taken to random para realities caused by the Nakks. He finally meets up with Sato Ambush, who tells him that the Nakks are now ready to cooperate. He also tells him that his Eirene/Idinyphe, his own daughter, has no intentions to return to Earth.

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