1515 - Das Geheimnis der Nakken
The secret of the Nakks
Peter Griese

On April 20th 1170, Alaska Saedelaere, Ernst Ellert and Testare depart for Akkartil, where they want to talk with Sato Ambush about the findings on the Time Tables. They land on the Nakk homeworld and are immediately ordered to leave by the Nakks. As they are about to comply, Eirene makes contact with them and when she hears what they need, she sends Sato Ambush to meet with them.

Ambush accepts to help them and the Quebrada takes off, despite the Nakks warning the Paraspecialist that if he doesn't come back, he will never be allowed back on the Nakk homeworld.

Ambush tells them to go back to his old lab on Helios. The planet is entirely abandoned except for one human called Nobby Sibepo, who preferred to stay behind after the evacuation.

Sato's initial attempts at breaking into the Amimotuo Pearl are soon the target of sabotages, which Ellert identifies as Nakks who infiltrated Helios. Ambush locks himself inside a force field while the Galactics try to locate the Nakks. Unfortunately, they get captured and locked inside a space time pleat.

Meanwhile, Ambush learns some fragments of information: after the Dorifer shock, Estartu ordered the Nakks to find It so he can help the people of the Kansaharriya. Hoping to receive some help from inside the Miky Way, the Nakks allied with Monos and started developing their five dimensional capabilities to accelerate their search. The last piece of information that Ambush can decipher is the image of a dove.

Realizing that their secret has been discovered, the Nakks free the Galactics, who decide to head for the Barkonide world Kembayan, where they last saw the image of a dove. They make a stop on Akkartil to drop off Ambush.

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