1514 - Das Muschelschiff
The shell ship
Arndt Ellmer

Per-E-Kit's mysterious master turns out to be Stalker, back in his original form. He explains that during Monos' reign, he learned that there was one member of the Hexameron left in the Milky Way and that his latest location was in Truillau.

In 1148, Stalker takes the identify of the Free Trader Holder Arramo and departs for Truillau. A mysterious spaceship in the shape of a shell claiming to be part of the protectors of Truillau attacks them and shoots down the Free Trader ships on a planet called Forgotten World. One by one, the Free Traders are decimated on the planet by the merciless environment and only Stalker survives. He manages to elude his pursuers on Forgotten World for twenty years.

In 1168, a spaceship led by Per-E-Kit lands on Forgotten World, capture Stalker and restore him to his full health. Stalker learns that the leader of the protector forces of Truillau must be Assu-Letel, so he's happy to join Per-E-Kit as a member of the resistance.

Stalker also becomes convinced that the Protector of Truillau is Monos' father, so Gesil decides to depart for Truillau with the Sharn-Y-Yaak on May 20th 1170.

Meanwhile, near Jimmerin, an arkonide commando picks up the crew of the Karmina.

Cedric Beust 2012-05-07

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