1513 - Rendezvous auf Jimmerin
Rendezvous on Jimmerin
H.G. Francis

Per-E-Kit confesses to Gesil that he created the message from Peregrine on this world in order to lure her. He tells her that he was dropped by his superior on this planet by a big spaceshop coming from the Kontide home galaxy. Gesil tells Per-E-Kit that she's ready to meet his superior. They both depart in Per-E-Kit spaceship, which looks like a sea shell.

Atlan tracks down Gesil and the sea shell spaceship and finally makes contact with her. However, Rhodan's wife tells the Arkonide that she's determined to meet that unknown agent and that Atlan should stop trying to follow them. Atlan pretends to agree but continues to follow Per-E-Kit's spaceship. They both land on Curinam where Per-E-Kit's spaceship makes contact with a bigger sea shell like ship, which soon departs for a destination that Atlan identifies as Jimmerin, an asteroid where a former Arkonide emperor met his ninth wife.

Atlan asks the large spaceship to surrender Gesil but instead of complying, the mysterious spaceship opens fire and completely disables the Karmina. The commander then opens communication with Atlan and accepts to take the Arkonide on board. He also tells Atlan he has informed the Terran forces that the Karmina is stranded, so that no human lives will be lost. The big sea shell ship disappears with Atlan and Gesil on board.

Cedric Beust 2012-04-11

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