1512 - Der heimliche Rebell
The secret rebel
Robert Feldhoff

In April 1170, the delegates of the Galactic Peoples meet in the upper part of the Humanidrome, the lower part being still reserved for the Nakks. One of the Topside speakers is Nassur-Gat, who has recently heard that the Topside government has decided to annex twenty planets by force. Nassur-Gat is worried about this decision and in order to keep an eye on it, obtains to lead the Orphan squadron that will take part in the offensive. Before leaving the Humanidrome, Nassur-Gat sends a secret message to Perry Rhodan asking him to meet on Orphan.

Nassur-Gat drops off fifteen thousand colons on Orphan, in the Srilan system, which he renames Kranekt-1, and claims the title of governor of the planet. The Terran residents are asked to leave the planet within ten days. Nassur-Gat tells Rhodan not to use force against the Topside invaders because that's exactly what they want to happen in order to justify their invasion. On April 30th, a message from the Arkonide sector announces that a Topside crew has been attacked by an unknown spaceship.

Cedric Beust 2012-04-11

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