1510 - Ein blinder Passagier
A clandestine passenger
Clark Darlton

Ernst Ellert and Testare, whose Barkonide bodies are aging, decide to keep looking for the Time Tables of Amringhar. They start their search on Kembayan, where they initially received their new body from Barkon. After bargaining with the Pultafian Malaudi, they buy an old cruiser called the Quebrada. Malaudi, who's only 135 cm tall, has heard about Amringhar and he tells the Terrans that he can find a Trident ship for them, which is the only way to enter the Paura black hole. Suspicious about the motives of the Pultafian, Ellert declines the offer. Determined to follow his plan, Malaudi sneaks on the Quebrada and hides on board.

The three Terrans land on Kembayan but all traces of the older spaceport are gone. As they are about to leave, they find a stone that looks like a message from Barkon which tells them to meet him on Pultaf. The message is actually a fake written by Malaudi, who is hoping he can go back to his home planet this way. The trick works and the Terrans head for Pultaf, the third planet of the Prat star. After they have landed, Malaudi makes contact with old crime partners of his who take possession of the Quebrada and capture the Terrans.

Malaudi makes contact with the Nakk Udivar on the planet Phaddon, who agrees to make a Trident spaceship available for them but on one condition that Malaudi doesn't disclose to the Terrans. The Quebrada heads for the planet Luinad where they are expected to fulfill the Nakk's mysterious demand.

Cedric Beust 2012-03-22

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