151 - Signale der Ewigkeit
Signals From Eternity
Clark Darlton

Shortly after the discovery of the first cell activator, IT destroys Wanderer and entrusts the robot Homunk to Perry Rhodan. IT announces to the galaxy that it must escape in the face of a serious danger and that it has hidden twenty-five cell activators. The signal short - short - long - short - short enables someone to locate them. The immortal invites all intelligences to search for them.

The Springer vessel Kam V of the Patriarch Gol Kamer locates signals of an activator on the planet Honur in the Thatrel system. When he begins to search for it, the Terran cruiser Nubia arrives. It is also interested in the activator. The Springers shoot down the vessel. Only Eleven Terrans survive the attack. The captain succeeds in informing Perry Rhodan by radio. Different groups of Terrans and Galactic Merchants (Springers) try to seize the activator. The crew of the Gamos arrives and with the help of the survivors from the Nubia, capture the mutinous Terrans and Springers. When Perry Rhodan arrives on Honur with the Nostasa, he succeeds in recovering the cell activator.

Michael Mahoney 2005-02-24

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