1509 - Der Dunkle und sein Schatten
The dark one and his shadow
H.G. Ewers

A failure in the Grigoroff projector forces the Tabatinga to land on Gropnor, the fourth planet of the Noschosch star. Gropnor is a mining world where prospectors are collecting ynkelonium while under constant attack from the Puppies, small humanoid creatures. The distress call sent by the Tabatinga attract the workshop spaceship Kishmee led by the engineer Nanark, who offers to fix Gesil's spaceship. The Terrans discover a secret Sigan outpost on Gropnor.

Intrigued by the odd behavior of Levlos Adaiman, Gesil discovers that he's an impostor from the Djuury race who sneaked on board on a religious quest after Assu-Letel, the incarnation of the evil god Manuthe. He identifies the engineer Nanark as Assu-Letel and manages to kill him before he can attack the Terrans. The Kishmee disappears.

The Tabating leaves Gropnor and heads for Tantros. During the trip, Loydel Shvartz discovers that in December 1169, a Kontide researchers spent some time on that planet. Shvartz is convinced that Per-E-Kit issued on Arkonoor the mysterious message about Peregrine. Shortly after they land on Tantros, Per-E-Kit disappears with Gesil.

Cedric Beust 2012-03-22

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