1508 - Spur der Hoffnung
A trace of hope
Peter Griese

Determined to locate It, Gesil flies to the Moon and questions Nathan about anything that might be related to the super intelligence. She pulls out a message saying "Peregrine is stirring religious troubles on Ponam", coming from the news agency Arkonoor. She remembers that It once used the name "Peregrine" so she flies to Ponam with her new spaceship, the Tabatinga.

With her team, she soon finds herself in conflict with the leading theocratic elite of the planet and they find refuge in the house of a rich citizen called Parvo len Mikkal. The Gator tells them about an alien called Per-E-Kit who once visited Ponam and that is now staying with him. Gesil meets with Per-E-Kit who turns out to be a Contide, a race coming from a different cluster. Parvo len Mikkal tells Gesil that the new agency Arkonoor can be found on the planet Virkan.

Gesil invites Per-E-Kit to join them in their trip to Virkan, and the Contide agrees. On Virkan, Gesil is attacked by Assu-Letel, the prince of the Hexameron who kidnapped her and kept her prisoner on UXbataan until Felmer Lloyd and Alaska Saedelaere rescued her. As Assu-Letel corners Gesil, she's saved at the last minute by Per-E-Kit. Assu-Letel flees.

Gesil goes to the headquarters of Arkanoor and learns that the message about Peregrine came from Tantros, a planet in the M-13 cluster. Gesil catches a message sent by Per-E-Kit but can't figure out what it's about.

The Tabatinga flies to Tantros.

Cedric Beust 2012-03-13

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