1507 - Insel der Monster
Island of Monsters
K.H. Scheer

Accompanied by Kassian, a young Arkonide that he took in when he was young, Atlan meets in December 1169 with an Omni-Blue clone who has information about the Linguides. The Blue tells them that on an island of Teffon, the Linguides are running a camp with deformed Linguides who are the results of cloning incidents.

After leaving a message for Perry Rhodan, Atlan and Kassian fly to the Sedeider system where they find the mutant Linguides on a secluded island. Omni Blue clones are guarding the crippled Linguides and treating them roughly. The Blues spot the Arkonides and start chasing them, but when Aramus Shaenor realizes what is going on, he calls the Blues back and ask Atlan to come talk to him.

Shaenor explains that despite the incident, the Blues that mistreat the clones must have been influenced by the Linguide mental influence. Atlan is skeptical and still harbors doubts regarding the recent expansion of the Linguides within the Blue empire.

Rhodan and his fleet arrive in the Sedeider system and meet with Shaenor. He offers the help of the Galacticum to treat the mutants, which Shaenor declines. He explains that the evets that caused these deformities came either from transmitter accidents or from birth defects.

On January 20th, the Galactics leave the Sedeider system.

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