1506 - Eine Welt der Linguiden
A Linguide world
Marianne Sydow

Dorina Vaccer reads the reports about what happened on Compol and reaches the conclusions that the Galactics cannot be held responsible for the loss of Senfro Datalba and Gerino Vaider's kimas. However, she orders to prevent them from landing on any Linguide planet until further notice. After discussing the situation with Aramus Shaenor and Balasar Imkord, the Linguides decide to meet the Galactics formally on Drostett, Imkord's home world.

When they meet, Dorina Vaccer explains to Rhodan that the Linguides are not interested in joining the Galacticum because this would compromise their way of life. She explains that when they started experimenting with hyperspace drives, several of their scientists lost their kimas, which is when they realized that they had to stay away from any technology related to hyper transmitters.

Imkord invites Rhodan to join him on a trip to the top of the mountain where his kima tree is located. Rhodan accepts and is deeply touched by the experience. He starts to realize that the Linguides are indeed a very peaceful people. After spending some time with Dorina Vaccer, Pucky gains the same conviction, while Reginald Bull is still skeptical about the Linguides' intents.

The three spaceships depart for Teffon, where Aramus Shaenor is located, when they receive a message from Atlan letting them know he might have made a compromising discovery about the Linguides.

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