1505 - Dorina, die Friedensstifterin
Dorina the Peacemaker
Marianne Sydow

In 1145, the Linguide farmer Segur Vaccer plants the Kima tree of his daughter, Dorina, on Taumond, the fifth planet of the Kaokrat system. Dorina shows early signs of an extraordinary linguistical skill, so she's sent to the stern Hajmayur school.

In 1154, Virram, one of the students of the school, tries to change the mind of the janitor of the school but his attempt fails and he wipes the janitor's mind instead. Garyo, the principal of the school, prevents him from ever being able to use his skill again.

In 1161, Dorina Vaccer visits Roost as part of her apprenticeship reporting to the Peacemaker Balin Weydar. At the end of Monos' reign, the Tentras, the Blues of Roost, suddenly realized that the Linguides had colonized a few of the planets in their sphere of influence. After several negotiations, the Linguides are able to convince the Blues to relinquish these planets.

Aramus Shaenor, another student of Balin Weydar, insists that the Linguides should try to solve the nascent conflict opposing the Blues and their clones, which were created by Monos. Dorina Vaccer disagrees and thinks that the Linguides should stay out of it. During her regular trips to her homeworld, Taumond, she sees her Kima grow into a very strong and tall tree. When she returns on Weydar's spaceship, she realizes that the Peacemaker, now forty years old, has lost his power.

In 1164, Shaenor is promoted to the title Peacemaker and he takes over the Varoar. The next year, Varina also receives the Peacemaker title and she's put in charge of her own spaceship, the Sinido.

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