1504 - Die Mutantensucher
The mutant seekers
Arndt Ellmer

The Odin, the Cimarron and the Harmony approach the Jergelen system. The Linguides deny the ships landing permission on Compol because they say they had bad experiences with Terrans. Rhodan manages to negotiate sending a small team on the planet in order to find Tschubai and Lloyd, who, according to the Linguides, were killed by creatures in the forest. The Linguides warn Rhodan that the usage of teleporters is forbidden.

Pucky teams up with a Linguide researcher called Gerino Vaider, who used to be a disciple of a famous Linguide Peacemaker called Dorina Vaccer. The Peacemakers are an elite caste of the Linguides with special convincing powers. Pucky learns that Senfro Datalba lost his "Kima" during his contact with Tschubai and Lloyd. Reading the Linguide's thoughts, Pucky understands that a Kima is a concept similar to souls for Linguides.

During their trip in the forest, Vaider gets chased and Pucky teleports with him at the last minute. He passes out instantly and as a result of the teleportation, Vaider also loses his Kima and most of his intelligence. Pucky wakes up from his coma four days later.

In the meantime, Rhodan and his team have continued their researches in the forest and they eventually find the deadly remanants of Ras Tschubai and Fellmer Lloyd. Crushed with sorrow, the Terrans pick up the inactive cell activators of their friends, leave Compol and set out for the Kalyjaz nebula, where they will meet the rest of the fleet.

Cedric Beust 2012-02-25

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