1503 - Krisenfall Topsid
Topsid crisis
Robert Feldhoff

Since 1149, the planet Topsid has been regressing to a primitive level split in three factions sharing twelve fortresses from the old Chronopulse Wall. The conflicts keep escalating until 1169, when they catch the attention of Dao-Lin-H'ay, who decides with Homer G. Adams agreement to go on a diplomatic mission to Topsid.

On Topsid, the Kartanian is targeted for assassination by an ambition Topsid commander who accepted to carry out his mission under pressure of the secret services, but he saves her at the last minute. He gets executed as a traitor.

On November 15th, Willom picks up Sato Ambush on board the Anezvar and departs with Eirene for Akkartil. Meanwhile, the Odin, the Comarron, the Karmina and the Harmony depart for Simban.

Cedric Beust 2012-02-15

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