1501 - Weg ohne Wiederkehr
Trip without return
H.G. Francis

The activator carriers are not the only ones shocked by the demand from It: Sato Ambush tells Rhodan that the Nakks Willom and Shaarim have reacted with extreme excitement at the news that the super intelligence had manifested itself.

On the Earth, the immortals take the news in various ways: Homer G. Adams decides to spend a week in isolation in the middle of the Canadian snowy wilderness, Tekener still can't get over Jennifer's death and Bull decides to sail across the Atlantic.

On the October 13th, Rhodan, Bull, danton, Tifflow, Adams, Saedelaere, Tekener, Tolot and Pucky depart for Wanderer on board the Eidolon.

On their way to the Jergelen system, Tschubai and Lloyd make a stop on September 29th on Cassanagk, a planet that Tschubai visited a thousand years ago. The teleporter would like to see how the civilization evolved there. During their stay, they touch a structure and then both feel something coming out of their cell activator, but they don't understand what it is. They resume their flight to the Jergelen system and land on the planet Compol.

Compol is surrounded by dolphin shaped Linguide spaceships along with blue spaceships. The Linguide Senfro Datalba welcome the two mutants and shows them around. A few days later, the Anezvar arrives in the system but Eirene doesn't get the authorization land. She contacts the mutants on the planet and lets them know about the ultimatum from It, then she leaves.

Felmer Lloyd has been using the visit to mentally spy on Senfro Datalba and he can only find one subject on which the Linguide hasn't been quite truthful with them, which is connected to Lindofer, the future capital of the planet. The Linguides don't seem to want the Terrans in the area of that city, for some reason.

During the night, a fire erupts and the mutants determine that Datalba is trapped in the burning building. They teleport, save the Linguide emissary and teleport out. However, the teleportation goes wrong. The two mutants lose consciousness and wake up several days later in the middle of the forest. The date is October 15th, the dead line for the ultimatum, and the mutants realize that their cell activators are no longer working. They try to make their way back to the Elcador.

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