1500 - Ruf der Unsterblichkeit
The call of immortality
Ernst Vlcek

By 1149, 750 million Terrans are freed from the Simusense Network with Nathan's help. The last Cantaros leave, the Anorees Degruum, Gavral and Shyrbaat joining them on their trip to NGC 73316. The Amagorta black hole is sealed forever.

In 1163, Ellert heads to the Paura black hole in the Magellanic Clouds with the Nakk Paunaro, thinking that he and Testare didn't get to see the real Time Tablets of Amringhar. Paunaro confirms that these tables are indeed duplicates because they don't mention anything about the Third Ultimate Question or where It came from. Even though their stay in the black hole lasted only a few hours, eighteen months have gone by in the normal universe when they return.

In 1166, Rhodan visits the newly terraformed Halutian homeworld while the Posbis and the Central Protoplasm have returned to the World of a Hundred Suns.

In the East Side of the galaxy, a conflict between two races of the Blues erupts. Tekener and Danton are sent to investigate but they can't resolve the conflict.

During a session of the Galacticum, the Blue Tuery Yezag announces that the conflict has been resolved thanks to the Pacifier Aramus Shaenor, a member of the up till now unknown Linguide race. The Linguide people have only been a space faring civilization for a hundred years and they have colonized fourteen solar systems. As a reward for solving their conflict, the Blues give to the Linguide the solar system Jergelen. On September 24h, Fellmer Lloyd and Ras Tschubai depart for the Jergelen system in order to find out more about the mysterious Linguides.

Eirene, who has been traveling throughout the galaxy with Willom for the past seven years, comes back to Earth to celebrate her forty-fifth birthday, where several of his friends are waiting, among whom Ernst Ellert, Alaska Saedelaere and Testare. Eirene feels closer to the Nakks than humans and she asks to be called by the name that the Cosmocrate Carfesch gave her: Idyniphe. Gesil tells Eirene that she is still trying to find the identity of the person who used her to father Monos.

On September 30th, Homunk, the messenger from It, lands on Terrania to give Rhodan and his friends the "Call of Immortality": all the activator carriers need to return their cell activator to It by October 15th, thereby condemning them to a certain death. All that Homunk discloses is that It decided that the human race ran out of time, even though they are still far from the 20,000 years that It initially promised them.

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