150 - Die Spezialisten der USO
The Specialists of the USO
K.H. Scheer

The fourth stage of the Perry Rhodan cycle begins in the year 2326. It has been 213 years since the victory over the Laurins on the World of 100 Suns. The Galactic Alliance between Akon, Arkon and Terra was originally established on September 10, 2113 to combat the threat of the Laurins. It has existed for over 200 years and now includes the Posbis as well. On January 1, 2115, the Solar Imperium and the Great Imperium of the Arkonides merged into a single "United Imperium". Perry Rhodan was elected the "First Administrator". The common language is the derivative Interkosmo of the Arkonides. Four hundred sixty-two planets have been colonized by Terrans. Terran colonies receive political independence after thirty years but they are rquired to remain in the United Imperium and the Galactic Alliance. The fleet of the United Imperium amounts to three hundred thousand combat vessels and three million trade vessels. In addition there are the ten thousand ships that explore the unknown regions of the galaxy. On the Moon the gigantic biopositronic brain, Nathan, has been constructed with the help of the Posbis.

Since July 1, 2115 Atlan has been the Lord-Admiral of the United Stars (Worlds) Organization (USO) that serves as the interstellar police force for the Galactic alliance. His agents are trained on the planet Fossil. The HQ of the USO is a hollow moon named Quinto-Center in memory of Nike Quinto, the chief of the legendary Section III.

To the surprise of all, the immortal (IT) announces to Rhodan in March 2326 that the cellular showers on Wanderer will no longer be given. It affirms that twenty-five people will be able to receive the eternal life. Nathan deducts from this statement that the immortal distributed twenty-five cell activators throughout the galaxy. The Galactic Defense learns that the message of the immortal has been heard everywhere in the Milky Way and that the hunt for the activators has already begun.

Five days later, Lemy Danger and Melbar Kasom, Specialists of the USO, are sent to Haknor, a planet populated by descendants of Springers. A civil war has exploded. A vessel of exploration has also crashed on the planet. Lemy Danger has green skin and measure only 22.11 cm. He comes from the colony Siga, the second planet of Glador. Because of a particular radiance of the sun, each generation has become progressively smaller, but now possess an extended lifespan. Melbar Kasom, accustomed to the 3.4 G's of the gigantic planet Etrus in the system of Kreit measures 2.51 meters and has a shoulder width of 2.13 meters.

Danger and Kasom discover that the civil war on Haknor has been triggered by the Akonides who have tried for a long time to control the planet. They want to seize the activator that they have discovered on Haknor. The activator sends the signal: short - short - long - short - short but it surrounds itself with a radiance causing madness. The Specialists of the USO recover the activator and bring it back to Atlan. He gives it to Reginald Bell who needed a cell shower soon.

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