1499 - Das Mondgehirn erwacht
The moon brain awakens
Ernst Vlcek

On the Odin, Atlan explains to Rhodan, who's just waking up from his paralysis, that he and the Vario 500 paralyzed Rhodan just before he left for Palkaru. The Vario used a Rhodan mask to impersonate him and went to meet Monos. They both died during the explosion.

A fleet of Halutians and Posbis are sent to recover the 20,000 Cantaros spaceships drifting in space. Then they are all scheduled to have their Ortonators removed, which should take two years during which the Central Protoplasm will keep emitting the pulses necessary to keep them alive. The rest of the Halutians depart for Haluta with the intent to restore their destroyed planet.

Rhodan and his crew head for the Sol system but they can't get in touch with Nathan. The three Anorees take care of the Cantaros while Atlan and Eirene land on the Moon in order to investigate what's wrong with Nathan. Rhonda and Bull land on Titan to explore Monos' former base. Using his privileged access, Atlan makes contact with Nathan and learns that the giant computer has been fed incorrect information for centuries by Monos. He learns more on how Monos came to power:

In 460, while the war against the Streakers is still raging, the construction of a second syntronic computer on Titan begins. The goal is to transfer all the information from Nathan into it and to eventually phase out the lunar computer. In November 469, Nathan is deactivated and Monos takes the place of several spokespersons of the Hanse, using different masks. He asks for Homer G. Adams to step down and be replaced with Galbraith Deighton. After the diplomatic convention on Olymp failed in April 490, Monos presses Deighton to establish new agreements with the Cantaros.

In 491, the war minister informs the public that the Milky Way is about to be isolated by a force field, Monos decides to use the Cantaro plans for his own goals. He uses the disappearance of Deighton's cell activator to gain full control on the administrator. The construction of the two Chronopulse walls is decided during negotiations with the Cantaros where only Mono, under eight different identities, participates, who will soon become the Masters of the Paths.

Monos creates the control field that permeates the Milky Way and gives him control of all the Cantaros within, but since they are unaware of who Monos really is, they continue to follow his orders. In 500, Monos has full control on the galaxy, the Cantaros and of the new syntronic computer on Titan. In 580, the Simusense Network is activated and enslaves the entire population of the Earth. Nathan is connected to the Simusense Network, thereby making the computer think the Milky Way is the only place with life within a Negasphere of 50 million light years, which was created by the Dorifer shock.

Despite his efforts, Atlan can't identify Mono's father, nor does he know about the whereabouts of the missing cell activators that belonged to Galbraith Deighton, Jen Salik, Geoffrey Abel Waringer, Irmina Kotschistowa and Jennifer Thyron, including the one that Gesil was keeping for Eirene. Rhodan learns that Daarshol had made a connection between Mono's cell sample and the samples that he had extracted from his prisoner, Pedrass Foch. The ambitious Cantaro tried to leverage his finding, thinking that Monos was Farlon Stretter, to become a Master of the Paths. Since he didn't know that Foch was actually all eight Masters of the Paths, he made the mistake to talk to Wello Banir/Monos about his suspicions, and after letting him get his hopes up, Monos simply executed him with the death pulse.

Atlan finally breaks through to Nathan and manages to establish a connection to Titan. The knowledge transfer from Titan to Nathan begins, and the moon computer starts catching up on all the events that were hidden from it during the past seven centuries. Thanks to her increasing affinity with the Nakks, Eirene convinces the Nakk Cleymur to deactivate the radio network.

On June 20th, Rhodan has Nathan broadcast through the Milky Way the message "The Milky Way is free, Monos is dead, the Masters of the Paths are gone".

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