1498 - Rhodans Tod
Rhodan death
K.H. Scheer

Worried about the upcoming meeting on Palkaru, Atlan sends Tekener and a team on a former UNO base where an old weapon is hidden. It's a very powerful virus based bomb that reacts to the proximity of 5D vibrations.

On May 27th, Rhodan departs with the Odin to the Ioka system. A few days later, Rhodan learns that the Nakk Narraga, who was in charge of the device that was supposed to destroy the entire Sol system, has deserted the Masters of the Paths. At 11am, Rhodan lands in a city called Kamoor where he is met by Ager Catomen, protected by an infrangible force field.

Monos/Ager Catomen explains that he needs to break Rhodan's power because of all the harm that he brought to him and his father, whom Catomen refuses to identify. He tells Rhodan that he will call off the destruction of the Sol system in exchange for Eirene and Gesil. During the tense discussion, Rhodan learns that Monos doesn't seem to know anything about the thefts of the cell activators, and he finally admits to Rhodan his real identity: Pedrass Foch.

Foch explains to Rhodan that he is the only Master of the Paths, that there were never eight of them: they were all himself under various disguises. Rhodan then lets him know about the Narraga's desertion, and when Monos realizes that he lost his leverage, he reaches out for an unidentified device. When Atlan, who's been observing the exchange all along, sees Monos' gestures, he triggers the weapon that he had installed in Rhodan's shuttle. The viruses attack Foch's paratron force field but the powerful explosion completely levels the entire city, killing both Monos and Rhodan.

Cedric Beust 2012-02-08

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