1497 - Unternehmen Exitus
Operation Exitus
H.G. Ewers

The Tarfala lands on Helios on May 15th, 1147, where Gesil finally reunites with Rhodan after centuries away. Then they head for the Sol system where hey want to make sure that the Terran population won't be the target of retaliations during the Operation Exitus. During the trip, Gesil tells Rhodan she has no memories of ever being pregnant and she can't explain anything about the Mono's existence. All she remembers is that she was kidnapped by Assu-Letel, who was one of the Princes of the Hexameron. They land and hide on Phobos.

9920 Posbi ships and 2000 Halutian spaceships surround the Sol system and start fighting a 10,000 strong fleet of the Cantaros. Homer G. Adams then activates the paralysis pulse and all the Cantaros in the Milky Way become instantly deactivated. Furious by their defeat, Ager Catomen calls the Terrans and threatens to destroy the entire Sol System if they don't meet his demands. Catomen says that he and the other Masters of the Paths will leave the Milky Way is Rhodan accepts to meet him on the planet Palkaru on May 30th. Rhodan accepts.

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