1494 - Jagd auf Gesil
The Chase for Gesil
Peter Griese

After spending a night in the jungle, Gesil, Saedelaere, Ellert and Testare make contact with a tribe of Terrans who retired from civilization. Gesil learns from them that the Sol system is surrounded with two protection fields that deactivate hyper energetic based technology. Gesil, who is convinced that Eladeru made them escape from Uxbataan to the Earth intentionally, decides to explore the Simusense Network for herself.

In the meantime, the wise Rmin Killian is furious that Gesil was able to escape and he orders several teams to follow all the escape points she might have gone through. One such team arrives on the Earth and quickly locates Gesil and her friends, who are forced to flee. They are told to meet the Nakk Paunaro in the Munau abandoned city. The Nakk then sends them through a transmitter into his spaceship and they all take off from the Earth.

Cedric Beust 2012-02-08

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