1493 - Das Gefängnis der Kosmokratin
The prison of the Cosmocrat
Kurt Mahr

After the psionic net collapsed, Alaska Saedelaere locates the former world of the Querions where he will find the city Talsamon. He finds neither Kytoma nor Testare, whom he saw once in his new Barkonide body before the Cosmic Catastrophe. He learns that Rhodan is presumed to have died in a black hole.

Saedelaere heads for Asporc, the world that he and Testare have been using to exchange information and then for Querion. The thirteen Querions who created the Travelers of the Net organization tell him that Testare was last seen on Conjonk. Once there, he learns that Symenon Myrrh stayed on Conjon for two years in 490. A Nakk called Eladeru contacts him and takes him on the world Uxbataan, which is hidden in a space time pleat. This is where Gesil, Ernst Ellert and Testare have been held prisoner. The Cantaros watching over the village still have the appearance of the original Cantaro generation which headed for the Milk Way after the Cosmic Catastrophe. The time here flows more slowly than in the normal universe. They all tell their story.


On Sabhal in 447, she receives the visit of a humanoid called Assu-Letel, who pretends to be sent by the Cosmocrats. He tells her that Rhodan disappeared inside Dorifer, paralyzes her and the wakes up on Uxbataan.


In exchange for money, Testare receives the instructions to meet on Lokvorth in 490. The stranger shows him a copy of the recording that Gesil made for Atlan. Testare leaves a message for Ellet and follows the stranger, called Simenon Myrrhen, to Conjonk, where he claims to be the son of the Cosmocrat Khe-Zil. Myrrhen betrays Testare and has him captured by Hauris. Testare escapes and makes his way to Uxbataan.

Eladeru shows the prisoners a vision of the Milky Way and he gives them a secret word, Varonzem, in case they meet other Nakks. They leave Uxbataan through a portal and end up in a jungle.

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