1492 - Das dunkle Netz
The dark network
Robert Feldhoff

Rhodan learns that the children he just joined want to find chips so they can insert themselves inside the Simusense network. Rhodan receives a bracelet that allows him to do just that and he learns that 150 years ago, a man called Giga headed out for Titan but never came back. Rhodan is captured by the dream hunters and their leaders, Pascal, is convinced that Rhodan is the only one who could overcome the challenges on Titan.

Pascal forces Rhodan to transport to Titan where he discovers that Giga was recognized by the Titan moon base as Dorian Waiken. On the base, Rhodan confronts a visual image of Waiken before being picked up by Ayshupon on his ship, the Cueggel. They head out of the Sol system where they meet with Rhodan on the Karmina.

Cedric Beust 2012-02-15

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