1491 - Transit nach Terra
Transit to Terra
Robert Feldhoff

Perry Rhodan is expected at the rendezvous point by Ayshupon and Emzafor.

After a seven day trip, the two Nakks and the Terran flying on the Cueggel cross the Deftra field, which protects the Solar System. They land on Leticron's former fortree on Titan where Ayshupon convinces Rhodan to log into the Simusense network.

Rhodan awakes on Terra as a politician who just lost an election against Dorian Waiken, a Master of the Paths who campaigns for an expansion internal to the Milky Way exclusively. Rhodan's personality then changes and he becomes Frank Lindorn, a researcher located in an Antarctic base.

Lindorn is helping Dorian Waiken develop a new kind of flower that is designed to pacify the galaxy with psychic powers. Rhodan's real memories start interfering with his Simusense experience as he starts seeing Thora in his fantasy.

A dream hunter called Mort Gerrin takes Rhodan out of the network and tells him that he has just participating into a collective dream. In reality, the Terrans are in a vegetative state. The dream hunters are seeking active dreamers in order to take part in their dreams. Gerrin's attention has been drawn to Rhodan because of his extremely high dreaming grade.

Rhodan runs away from Mort Gerrin and is rescued by a group of seven abandoned children.

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