1490 - Endstation Sol
End station Sol
Ernst Vlcek

The center of power of the Cantaros is located on the third planet of Chrukodh. It's made of a pyramid and an underground crypt lit by an artificial sun, where 10,000 Cantaros make up the Supreme Command. After the destruction of the space forts Choktash and Shomrach, Daarshol is asked to review the defense of the remaining space forts.

Dorian Waiken, a Master of the Paths that looks like a Terran, is dispatched on the Humanidrome where he learns that 200 Nakks are missing. Daarshol, who accompanied him, realizes that the Master of the Paths seem to try very hard to care for the Nakks.

Daarshol becomes convinced that one of the nine Masters of the Paths, also referred to as Wise Men, is a traitor and he starts digging around. Helped with the historian Cemaach, he learns that the Wise Man Endehar Roff has been removed from the records of the Humanidrome. Cemaach tells Daarshol that the blueprints of the Humanidrome were created hundred of years ago by someone called Simenon Myhen, a name that sounds very similar to Simedon Myrrho, another Master of the Paths.

Daarshol starts wondering if the Cantaros are not being ruled by orders coming directly from the Solar System. Shortly afterwards, Cemaach receives the death impulse. A hologram from Ager Catomen appears and orders Daarshol to supervies the production of the clones. When the news that the Terran fleet has managed to penetrate inside the Milky Way reaches the Supreme Command, all the members are summoned back to Schotschi to react to the situation.

Pursuing his investigations, Daarshol becomes convinced that the Wise Man Farlons Stretter is actually Monos and that he infiltrated the Master of Paths in order to take control and exact his revenge against Rhodan.

Daarshol transmits his findings to the Master of the Paths and is soon summoned on the Titan fortress, where he expects to be promoted to a Wise Man himself. Actually, he receives the Death Impulse.

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