149 - Kampf um die Hundertsonnenwelt
Struggle For The World Of A Hundred Suns
Kurt Brand

While the THEODORIC heads toward the World of a Hundred Suns, attracted by the homing signal of the GAUSS, several incidents occur on board due to equipment fatigue. The GAUSS, attacked by the Laurins, is forced to take flight and lands on the World of a Hundred Sun. Its crew is forced to abandon ship, the vessel by this time being only a wreck.

On the World of a Hundred Suns, the reserves of energy of the central protoplasm lower again and the hyperimpotronic (robot brain) takes over. The battles between the robots begin once again. The Laurins begin to destroy the suns one by one. The hyperimpotronic allows the Laurins to do this, seeing in them a means of getting rid of the central protoplasm and Terrans. The Invisibles use a new weapon which absorbs the energy of the protective screens. The Terran team determines that the reason for the central protoplasmís unstable control over the hyperimpotronic must reside in the links between the domes and the center of the central protoplasm. The place where the loss of impulses occurs is found after long research in the middle of the most fierce robot battle.

Reginald Bellís squadron finally arrives at the World of a Hundred Suns but it is immediately forced to retreat back into the linear space before the Laurin onslaught.

Van Modersí team finally repairs the broken link between the central protoplasm and the hyperimpotronic and the central protoplasm is able to take definitive control of the hyperimpotronic. All of the World of a Hundred Suns opens fire on the Laurins who suffer tremendous losses and are forced to withdraw from the system.

With peace having been established, Rhodan concludes a treaty with the Posbis. The central protoplasm provides all necessary information on the transform canons and Rhodan agrees to locate the world of origin of the central protoplasm in the Andromeda Galaxy.

Michael Mahoney 2011-08-30

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