1489 - Offensive der Widder
The offensive of the resistance
Arndt Ellmer

As the operation to penetrate through the Chronopulse wall gets underway, Homer G. Adams remembers how the Cantaros started building the wall in 492 and finished it in 495, a few years after the Streakers destroyed the three cosmic bazars. So they woudn't fall in Cantaros' hands, Adams had the leftovers destroyed in 497, shortly before he created the resistance movement.

In March 1146, four fleets attack the Cantaros spaceforts simultaneously in order to create an opening in the Chronopulse wall. It's actually only a diversion to keep the Cantaros away from the Perseus black hole, where the Terran fleet will enter the Milky Way with the Central Protoplasm.

When Perry Rhodan returns on Helios, he is contacted by Ayshupon who tells him he's ready to pick him up on the Cueggel and head out to where Mono's cell sample is located. Concerned, Atlan follows his friend but finds the Gazelle emtpy and he realizes that the cell sample is gone as well.

Cedric Beust 2011-11-01

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