1487 - Rebellion in der Gen-Fabrik
Rebellion in the gene factory
H.G. Francis

On Aptulat, a Cantaro called Peeroush overviews the development of Baalol-700 clones in the gene factory created in 1103. They are Anti clones who can blow up human cells psychically. The project is led by the Arra doctor Ilmarem, who is beginning to have doubts on his work. He suspects that Taphon, his assistant, works for Aries, so he reaches out to him.

Ilmarem decides to trigger a bomb that destroys the entire army of clones that he created so they can't be used by the Cantaros against Aries but his plan is discovered by Peeroush and the clones kill Ilmarem. Peeroush takes the 37 remaining clones on the Anubis and he takes off for Mycon.

Cedric Beust

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