1486 - Mission auf Akkartil
Mission on Akkartil
H.G. Ewers

During the flight toward Lokvorth, disagreements appears amon the Nakks, and Varonzen, their commander, asks for the ships to make a stop on the planet Akkartil, where they will be able to settle their differences. There, they meet Nikki Frickel, who's been orbiting the planet and noticing instabilities in the space time continuum, due to the mini black hole that orbits the planet.

Nikki Frickel discovers a group of Nakks who tells them that Akkartil used to be the main base of a group of Nakks who were manipulating time to reach their goals. SHe learns that the Biotes have been gathered on Mycon, between the Milky Way walls, under the order of a Cantaro called Ager Catomen.

Frickel reports her findings to Homer G. Adams who remembers that 650 years ago, a man called Ager Catomen was the spokesperson of the Hanse reporting to Galbraith Deighton. Adams informs Rhodan, who decides he wants to try to reach the Solar System with the Cueggel.

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