1485 - Werkstatt der Sucher
The Workbench of the Seekers
Peter Griese

Ambush and his team enter inside the Humanidrome where they are welcome by a voice telling them they have reached the Workbench of the Seekers and that they will be harmed if they don't share the same interests as the Nakks.

They move across pseudo-realities created by the Nakks and they collect information describing the history of the Humanidrome. After successfully solving a riddle forcing them to choose one door among twelve, they meet Shaarim, the commander of the Nakks, who tells them that 200 out of the 300 Nakks on the Humanidrome are now put in the Terrans' service for the SHF project, but he claims to know nothing about the kidnappings.

The 200 Nakks are transferred on the Libray, the Uxmal and the Iguala, which then leave the system.

Cedric Beust 2011-10-31

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