1483 - In den Ruinen von Lokvorth
In the ruins of Lokvorth
Ernst Vlcek

On October 3rd, 1145, Sato Ambush heads out for the Humanidrome where he pretends to be historian. Xukhnoq, the Cantaro commander, tells Ambush that he expects to receive the death impulse because he knows he disappointed the Supreme Command, hoping that the Rams can help him. He tells Ambush he has ben tasked to kidnap young human females and bring them inside the humanidrome.

While trying to find ways to get inside the Humanidrome, Ambush meets Balaam, who turns out to be captian Achab. The former Sotho explains that he's willing to help the resistance and he also mentions that he has no problems crossing the Chronopulse Wall.

Cedric Beust 2011-10-31

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