1480 - Die Verbannten von Maahkora
The outcasts of Maahkora
Arndt Ellmer

The Cantaros continue their multiple offensives against the Rams while the Yalcandu, Harmony and the Jolly Rogers head to the Perseus black hole in order to determine whetner the 130,000 posbi and halutian spaceships can be brought into the Milky Way through the Dark Star Paths. When Bull learns that Siganese have been taken to Maahkora,he dispatches a few spaceships to the former Maahk planet in order to free them. In the meantime, Tolot and Ambush continue their experiments on the SHF network by running tests on a Cantaro emitter near the star Pollaco-Hermi.

With help from Rhodan, who happened to be on Maahkora as well, the Rams attack the prisoner camp, led by the Cantaro Drenshoor. Using Tolot's latest discovery, they disrupt the SHF emissions surrounding the camp. The five Cantaros inside black out and the 4,000 prisoners are freed. Drenshoor receives the death impulse and blows up.

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