148 - Sprung in den Interkosmos
Leap Into The Intercosmos
Kurt Brand

The Ferguson and Ferguson Company concludes a juicy deal with the Solar Imperium for the manufacture of superconductive capacitors necessary for the fabrication of the antiflex glasses which permit the detection of the Laurins. A license is even granted so that the production takes place on other sites.

On the border of the Milky Way, the surveillance station Globe-18 looks for the location of the World of a Hundred Suns. In July 2114 they detect the arrival of Posbi ships pursued by Laurin vessels. The box ships flee, which denotes an abnormal behavior.

The Terran vessel SOSATA heads toward Frago on a reconaissance flight. The planet is in the grip of an atomic fire due to the struggle between the Posbi robots loyal to the central protoplasm and the Posbi robots loyal to the hyperimpotronic. Five Lauren vessels appear, attempting to destroy a fragment ship. The SOSATA helps the Posbi ship.

A message is received from the central protoplasm asking for the help of the real life. The Terrans answer so that they can send some vessels to Frago. The fleet of vessels, grouped around the THEODORIC, leaves for Frago. Upon their arrival, they must face some Laurin vessels. Two Posbi fragment ships agree to embark a Terran commando team and take it to the World of a Hundred Suns. The two vessels with three thousand men on board embark. A fight begins with other Posbi ships. When they arrive on the main world of the Posbis, contact is established with the central protoplasm after several attempts.

The X-1 and the GAUSS follow the Posbi ships to the World of a Hundred Suns. Once there, the GAUSS positions itself one light year from the World of a Hundred Suns and sends a location signal. The X-1 lands on the planet. The central protoplasm informs the Terrans that the hyperimpotronic cut its food and oxygen. The Terrans are obliged to face the unceasing battles between the robots. They nevertheless are successful in re-establishing the food and oxygen to the central protoplasm.

The central protoplasm then takes control of the hyperimpotronic and the battles stop on the surface of the World of a Hundred Suns. However, the control is unstable.

Unfortunately, guided by the location signals of the GAUSS, a Laurin fleet appears and attacks the World of a Hundred Suns.

Michael Mahoney 2011-08-30

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