1479 - Prophet des Todes
Prophet of death
H.G. Francis

On June 1146, Clare Thou, a Siganese member of the Rams, like all Siganese, heads toward the South Pole with the hero Donan Cruish. They are attacked by a Cantaro spaceship and fall into a crack. Thou is rescued by the hermit historian Dorta Marta, who tells her more about the past of the Siganese and Donan Cruish's role.

Donan Cruish was born in 452, when a Cantaro spaceship appeared in the Siga system and started manipulating the Glador star. In the decades that follow, the Siganese start getting even smaller, reaching a maximum size of 11cm. Their lifetime is also decreased from 900 years down to 250 years. In 499, Cruish witnesses a genetically modified Siganese landing on their planet. The clone is 30cm tall and has received the mission to capture sixty Siganese.

In 594, A rebel called Gordy Flash then overthrows the Siganese government with a group called the Gladorists. Cruish barely avoids being captured. He starts building a resistance force as the word spreads in the Milky Way that Perry Rhodan is dead. In 607, Aras install laboratories in the south pole and they start capturing Gladorists, who are used for genetic experiments. The Arra lab is eventually destroyed in 793, Cruish flees and joins the Rams. In 902, he comes back to Siga and is elected at the head of the government. In 1001, the Aras start the construction of a new laboratory in the south pole.

A Cantaro spaceship lands and, after dispatching several fleets of probes, starts attacking the Siganese population. When the fight starts, Thou and Marta make contact with the 300 survivors and they hide in a subterranean base. Then they start looking for Cruish. The haluta and the Box-17411 land on Helios on July 17th. Tolot hopes he can decipher the SHF impulses and with Ambush's help, to be able to create an emitter to counter the Cantaro emissions. Reginald Bull heads to the Glador system to help the Siganese but he's kept away by Cantaro spaceships surrounding the system.

Clare Thou manages to find Cruish and they learn that the Cantaro Strategise Drenshoor is expected in the Ara laboratory. Using the former body of the Cantaro Claarence that they have turned into a new Paladin, several Siganese led by Cruish confront Drenshoor and try to capture it, but the attempt fails. Cruish tells Bull that the captured Siganese are being taken to Maahkora.

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