1477 - Die Piratin
The pirate lady
H.G. Ewers

The pirate Aro To Morre lands on the Nansar planet in the Charif system where she learns that five Hauris are holding Testare prisoner in Nakkaran. The Cappin makes contact with Aro To Morre and give her a recorded message to deliver to Ernst Ellert. As a payment, Testare gives her his Motto Pearl, which she can't open without his help.

Aro To Morre finally manages to find Ellert, who shows her how to open the Motto Peral. Ellert reads Testare's message, who tells him that Geils is being held prisoner in the great tower in Nakkaran. Ellert makes his way to Nakkaran but as he's climbing the tower, he falls in a spacetime crack and ends up being a prisoner along with Testare and Gesil.

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