1476 - Drei gegen Karapon
Three against Karapon
Peter Griese

In a Karapon prison, Ellert learns from his cell mates that after the great cosmic catastrophe, the Karapon empire split into about twenty smaller empires. The new empire is led by the Supreme Councillor Thoy-Dak, who is advised by someone called Simed Myrrh. Ellert learns that Myrrh claims to be the son of the Cosmocrat Ghe-Zil, which Ellert immediately suspects of being Gesil.

Ellert gains the attention of Thoy-Dak by telling him that the Amimotuo contains a lot of information that could be very useful to the Karapon empire, but he still can't find any information about Testare. He learns that Simer Myrrh came from Lokvorth, a planet located in the Milky Way that Ellert is familiar with. Some time later, an assassination attempt against Ellert barely fails. Only one of the five Hauris that tried to kill Ellert survives, and the Hauri tells Ellert that they work for Symed Myrrh, who's been helping the Hauris against the Karaponides for several years. The Hauri also says that Myrrh captured Testare a few months ago.

Ellert manages to escape Karapon on board of a Karaponide spaceship and he heads for Lokvorth, while the Amimotuo remains on Karapon.

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