1475 - Auf Gesils Spuren
On Gesils track
Clark Darlton

Ernst Ellert is still trying to find Gesil, a mission that Kytoma assigned to him after she made him and Testare come to Amringhar to get the Time Tablets. She told them that It's Sphere of Influence could be in jeopary if Gesil gets kidnapped by a destructive power.

Testare and Ellert have been separated for several decades and Ellert finally receives a message from the Cappin asking him to meet him on Conjonk in the Hangay galaxy. In the message, Testare says that he met with a humanoid claiming to know where Gesil is. When Ellert arrives on Conjonk, he realizes that the planet was invaded a few days prior by the Hauris. He learns that Testare was captured by the Hauris and taken away in one of their ships, so he decides to follow the same path and he lets himself be captured.

Ellert is taken on board of the Hauri commander's spaceship and they head out for the central world of the Ingkoom empire. They make a stop on a planet that Ellert visited a few years ago where they are attacked by Karaponides. The Hauris flee, leaving Ellert stranded on the planet. He is soon captured by the Karaponides and then flown to Karapon.

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