1474 - Das Supremkommando
The Supreme Command
Kurt Mahr

In May 1146, Daarshol is in charge of the Cantaro world Nirva, where important prisoners are brought in order to be interrogated. When Pedrass Foch, the survivor of the Narvenne, is transferred to his facility, Daarshol gets nervous that the Terran might reveal that Rhodan once captured him, and also about the failure of his spore attack on Phenix.

Daarshol assigns the physician Pripoch to first heal the Terran and then to start questioning him, however, none of them know about the mini modules that the Terran had implanted in his blood stream and which allow him to defeat most of the drugs that he receives. Foch manages to stay lucid and decides to take this opportunity to find out more about the Supreme Command, the Cantato's mysterious leaders, and how they are being given directions by the Masters of the Paths.

The Supreme Command tells Daarshol that a Master of the Paths called Simedon Myrrho is being dispatched to Nirva to supervise Foch's interrogation. In order to gain some credibility, Foch pretends to give in to the questioning and he gives up the coordinates of a world that belongs to the resistance. He knows that the station on this planet is of very little importance and only hosts robots. Then Foch escapes his captors by reprogramming the android caring for him.

Simedo Myrrho materializes on Nirva and meets with Daarshol. The Master of the Paths is a humanoid and he tells the Cantaro that the Supreme Command has been impressed with his results so far, and as a reward, they are promoting him to the rank of Strategist, which makes him a member of the Supreme Command. Myrrho asks Daarshol to hand the prisoner to him and then, he vanishes in his spaceship. Shortly thereafter, Foch lets himself be recaptured.

Myrrho and Daarshol transport Foch to Schotschi, the third planet of the sun Chrukodh. Four hundred members of the one thousand members of the Supreme Command gather to listen to what Foch has to say under questioning. Foch reveals the location of more worlds of the resistance. Shortly after the interrogation, two explosions cause chaos on the Supreme Command base.

The investigation that follows doesn't reveal much on the cause of the explosions, except that Foch wasn't killed and that he's nowhere to be found. Simedo Myrrho makes the case to the Supreme Command that they should attack the planets disclosed by Foch as soon as possible.

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