1472 - Loge der Unsterblichen
The Lair of the Immortals
Ernst Vlcek

Instead of killing Rhodan right away, like Monos ordered him, Ermancluq shows the Terran more recordings of the history of the Archonts. Rhodan identifies himself with Iridora and starts reliving the last two million years of the Amarenas.

The Amarenas call the two planets located under the event horizon "World", where they build an archive in the form of a pyramid, and "Place" where they actually reside and meditate.

Two million years after their retirement, the Amarenas feel the shockwave caused by Dorifer and Iridora sends a scout in the normal universe to investigate. Several Amarenas volunteer, called Eleiher, Phaera, Virosor and Sysa. They have all started showing some interest for the spaceships that allowed their people to reach Amagorta in the first place, which is surprising since the Amarena people is now in a post physical status and is not supposed to be interested in material things. They fly out of the black hole and discover a galaxy at war. Overwhelmed with anger, they destroy several inhabited planets with their superior weapons in order to force the Galactics to stop fighting.

In Amagorta, Boleam, one of the four Archivists, is concerned by the behavior of the scouts and he advises Iridora to fly out of the black hole and see things for herself. On November 23rd, 465, she flies into the galaxy and she comes across the destroyed planet Aspiarc. She understands that the Galactics thinks that the Cantaros are responsible for the destructions, but she knows that they don't have the technology to annihilate entire planets. When she comes across a Streaker spaceship, she notices the ship looks a lot like her own and she realizes with horror that the Streakers are no one else than members of her own people.

She returns inside the black hole in order to confront the traitors. During her speech, Sysa destroys the planet Place in a fit of madness, killing more than one million Amarenas, half of the total population. The traitor Amarenas are identified as carrier of a sickness and they are isolated from the rest of the population.

In 470, Orantor, one of the 158 diseased Amarenas, escapes confinement and flies into the galaxy. When he comes back, undetected, he has been followed by Darwyn, a Cantaro. Darwyn explains that the Cantaros have been trying to find out the explanation for the Cosmic Catastrophe and they discovered that an entire section of the Dark Star Paths existed but was not accounted for on the maps. Confronted by the Galactics about the destruction of their planets, the Cantaros decided not to dispel the idea that they were responsible. In order to help the Amarenas, the Cantaros develop hormones that help alleviate the madness symptoms of the sick Amarenas but their efforts don't stop the spreading of the disease.

More insane Amarenas escape the black hole and launch an attack against Halut, which fails because of the planet's force field.

In 488, 40,000 Amarenas are now sick and Boleam becomes a victim as well. The Streakers take over Amagorta. When the news that Rhodan is alive starts spreading, Iridora, who is now sick as well, is sent on March 24th 490 to kill the newcomers with an attack from the Streakers on the planet Fat Tuesday. The caravan from the Hanse that Homer G. Adams sent to the Paura black hole on Rhodan's recommendation is destroyed by Mantivo and his companions. Eleiher and three other Streakers destroy the cosmic bazaars Rostock and Dantzig.

Senedor, one of the few healthy Amarenas left, helps the Cantaros to make contact with the Galactics in order to explain to them what is really going on. They suggest to isolate the Milky Way in order to prevent the Streakers from attacking the neighboring galaxies. However, the representative of the delegation is Boleam, who has successfully been able to hide his sickness. However, Pucky recognizes him as a Streaker. Senedor asks the Cantaros to carry on the isolation of the Milky Way without the agreement of the Galactics.

Using Amarena technology, the Cantaros build the force field but are promised by the Amarenas that the wall will come down if no new Streaker is spotted in the next ten years, which turns out to be a lie.

While the Galactics are trying to locate Rhodan in the pyramid, Ayshupon manages to track down and kill Ermancluq, rescuing Perry Rhodan. He takes the Terrans with him in his spaceship, the Cueggel, and heads out of the black hole. As they emerge, they realize that only two days have gone by in the normal universe.

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