1470 - Der Arzt von Amgermaddon
The Doctor from Angermaddon
Arndt Ellmer

On Angermaddon, the Plophosian physician Tebye Garnoda and his Gatasian friend Dirfeberl learn about the Rams resistance organization and that Perry Rhodan is still alive. Zathrom, the commander of the Cantaro base on Angermaddon, is concerned that a few of the people who report to him are being influenced by the Spokespersons, so he asked Garnoda to examine them. The project is led by the Nakk Ayshupon.

The Terran team carries out their plan: the Cantaro Shoudar passes as a general called Xattur and Roi Danton is placed in a hibernation tank to make it look as if he was captured. Garnoda immediately recognizes Danton and after an initial misunderstanding, Garnoda and Shoudar recognize that they are both working against the Cantaros.

Pretending he suffers from Amesia, Danton is allowed to walk around freely and he realizes that the Cantaro clones being produced on Angermaddon are conflicted with severe psychological problems. They need to receive a regular treatment that puts them in an euphoria state in order to carry out their work. When Shoudar sees that Ayshupon is on Angermaddon, he rushes theirmission and the Terran team manages to grab the coordinates of Amagorta.

Pucky teleports Ayshupon, Shoudar, Danton and Ayshupon back in the spaceship, which breaks out of the Chachit. During the fight, Ayshupon explains that he had no intentions of betraying the Terrans and he accepts to help them in their fight against the Cantaros.

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