147 - Amoklauf der Maschinen
Machines Amok
William Voltz

The Terran cruiser UPSALA approaches Frago and reports that the robots are facing off against each other on the planet’s surface. A team lands on the surface and determines that one group of robots appears hostile while the other is indifferent or friendly.

Perry Rhodan is in the Taphor System where a Posbi fragment ship has asked to make contact with the Terrans. The Administrator, not wanting to take risks, sends a commando team composed of Marshall, Tschubaï, Yokida, Moders, Bryant and Riesenhaft on board the Posbi ship in order to travel to the World of a Hundred Suns. Four other Posbi ships appear and force the fragment vessel to flee before the THEODORIC can force them to retire. The Terran commando team is shaken up by the sudden acceleration followed by a transition. Professor Bryant is seriously wounded.

The Posbi ship has been damaged by the attack and ultimately crashes on an unknown planet. On this planet a race lives for whom the climax of technology is the steam-powered machine, which plays an important role in their society. The explosion due to the crash of the Posbi ship instills fear in the inhabitants. The Posbis leave their vessel and begin to sow destruction among the Papinistes - the name given to the natives - while attacking the steam-powered machines. In their confusion, the Posbis have mistaken the steam-powered machines for Posbis who have not submitted to the central protoplasm on the World of a Hundred Suns.

The protoplasm brain of the Posbi ship’s commander dies after having confirmed to the scientists Van Moders and Riesenhaft that the destruction of the hate circuit entailed an instability of the interaction hypercircuit. While the other Terrans help the Papinistes, the two scientists use the hypercom of the ship to call for help.

The commando team is finally rescued by ships of the solar fleet.

Michael Mahoney 2011-08-29

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