1469 - Impulse des Todes
Death Pulse
Peter Griese

On Helios, Sato Ambush is busy studying the Motto Pearl, the Cantaro Control Network and Cantaro physiology, helped by Shoudar who volunteered to be examined. He survived the Death Pulse because the Ortonator, a semi organic module implanted in all Cantaros, is underdeveloped in his body. Ambush establishes that the Cantaro Control Network is also responsible for sending regular "Life Pulses" that the Cantaros need to receive in order to stay alive, which explains why they can't go too far away from the Milky Way.

When Shoudar hears the Anorees discuss the concept of Amagorta, a vague memory comes back to him and he gives Perry Rhodan the name of the planet Angermaddon. Rhodan decides to send a team over there.

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