1468 - Zentralplasma in Not
Protoplasm Central in Danger
Marianne Sydow

The Protoplasm tells Tolot and his companions that he's feeling an external pressure. The Willy Punternat has an idea of what is going and starts investigating. He discovers a time crack where Nakks are hiding but he gets captured before he can inform the Galactics. Tolot eventually locates the Nakks, who are forced to flee by transmitter on Vimtesch, the second planet of the system.

On Dongan, the Protoplasm realizes that its unhealthy state is caused by a substance that the Nakks introduced in its food. Tolot captures the Nakks on Vimtesch and question them. They tell him that they actually meant to help the Protoplasm by feeding it this substance, which should soon reinforce its energy. They turn out to be telling the truth.

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